Thursday, April 28, 2011

Admiring a little lady in waiting!

I know this is a wedding blog BUT I just have to share this in honor of the wedding of the year...THE ROYAL WEDDING !

This morning I mentioned to my 4 year old that a REAL LIVE princess will be getting married later today. She was all smiles and amazed at this news! I told her that when mommy was a little girl another beautiful princess got married and I remember it. I told her when she got home from preschool I would try to see if we could watch it in TV (I of course knew they would be playing the royal wedding of Princess Diana off and on today).

When we got home we found the wedding and it was at the point where Princess Diana was in her horse drawn carriage (wasn't that just the most magical part...aside from her stunning 25 foot train!). Megan thought it was magical too!!! She sat on the couch eating her applesauce and continued to watch as Princess Diana walked down the isle.

A few minutes later she left the room. When she came back she had a very long piece of toilet paper and asked me to attach it to her dress. I did. The she left the room again. She returned with her brand new Easter white glittered high-heeled shoes on. She had on a a red a white checkered dress on a declared that it didn't match and she needed a white dress on. I remembered a little white dress I had recently put away an got it out, helped her put it on and redo the toilet paper. Then I asked her if she knew where her tiara was, as she had gasped when she saw Princess Diana's tiara. We found it and added it to her princess attire.

I grabbed my camera and right when I was about to take the picture I noticed Princess Diana's train on the TV...just HAD TO SHARE THIS PICTURE AND STORY!!!

This was her just being a princess...

I liked this one too!!! She looks so admiring!

To be honest as I am now very tired...I had to re-attach the toilet paper twice as it ripped (of course). Then I remembered I have bridal net, so I attched a piece of that, thinking it won't break and be perfect. Well then she stepped outside and it blew away. So I cut another piece AND a veil for her tiara. And last but not least of course...she asked me to lay out something on the ground  (like a red carpet) for her to walk on, which btw I barely understood through her tears because she thought we had nothing that would do for a carpet...well being creative as I am, I laid out two dark red blankets folded over and lined them up so my lady in waiting could walk down her red carpet, in her tiara, glass slippers and train and pretend to be a princess!!!!


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