Tuesday, August 28, 2012


When I was looking for Bridesmaid idea pictures online for this wedding I kept coming across this picture from the movie Bridesmaids...

It is so cute...so we copied it...

Monday, August 27, 2012

NEW!!! "SAVE-THE-DATES" photo shoots!!!

One of the first things to do after setting your date …is letting everyone know when it is! 
A very popular trend along with sending "Save-The-Dates" 
is using your photo's on them!

I have just started offering "Save The Date"  shoots through my studio...

WHAT is a "Save The Date" shoot? 
They are a quick 30 minute shoot with a specific photo idea in mind to put on your Save the Dates to send out to friends and family. (Pinterest has great ideas for you to bring to your shoot.)
Here is a picture off of my client wall of Chris and Amanda's Save The Date: 

Their "Save the Date" shoot was the first one I ever did for their upcoming NYE wedding. 
Here is the blog link to their shoot:

Here is another clients Save The Date from my client wall:

There shoot is also on the blog:
(they used their engagement shoot, LOTS of pics to choose from!)

                                                  Here are some of my Pinterest ideas:

                               Here is my idea board of Save The Dates you can check out: 


I just have time for a quick post, so I picked these from a wedding I was just working on.
These just show what I do.
 It's all about the emotion, fun and a bride and groom just being themselves....just being real!

This was part of a "formal" shoot prior to their wedding in Monterey Bay
(psshhh....formal smormal!!!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Facebook Daily shot of JOY!!! Who is on that cover???

Daily shot of JOY!!!

This I have to say is one of my favorite's of this lifestyle engagement photo session!!!
Yes...that is my photograph on the cover!!!

It would seem as if I planned it...BUT Mandy said "Lets do one on balcony of what we do on a Saturday...I would be reading my 20 wedding mags"...and of course she had one of mine!!!

To see more from this photo shoot go to:

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Cathedral of The Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, Ca

I am so excited to share a sneak peek of the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament. This is one of the most beautiful cathedral in the area! Most of these pictures are from inside the cathedral...enjoy!!!

This first one is of Patty and her mother putting on her veil...

Walking to the ceremony...

I just love these pictures right before the ceremony with her family and the girls...

Both parents are going to walk her down the isle...

Here are just some stunning pictures inside the cathedral during the ceremony...

These two pictures are my favorite...
yes, even with all the beautiful views going on...
these are my favs!

They told me later...he was singing along...and that was making her laugh...

More beautifulness...


These were taken right outside the cathedral...

LOVE these at The Capitol...

These are awesome...YES...that is their cathedral in the window...JUST BEAUTIFUL!!!

Another beautiful wedding!!!