Monday, April 18, 2011

ASHLEY AND JORDAN on the blog! My favorites!!!

Here are my favorite's of Ashley and Jordan's wedding...enJOY...

Here are Ashley's awesome shoes...she told me they were and they WERE!!!


THIS is the FIRST time I tried this pose from over the top...I have since made it one of my signature shots...I just try to change it up every wedding. If you have just finished viewing the above posts you will have seen it done MANY different ways...but this is the FIRST!!!

LOVE...LOVE...LOVE this one!

To view EXTRA pictures of Ashley getting ready
go to my picture of the day blog where I posted them a while ago...

These next two pictures of Ashley are just stunning!!!

My favorite MOMENTS of the wedding...

These next few pictures...are REAL...just REAL! (oh and AWESOME too!)

LOVE this ...

I took a safety shot of this first, with her back to the camera, just in case. then called her name and PERFECT!

Just had to add this one, this is Ashley, Jordan and their cute!

Here is sweet pea Payton...

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