Monday, April 18, 2011

Kendra's wedding on the blog!

Sometime last year one of my assistant photographers asked me to assist them with a wedding. This is actually something I had never done before...but she told me "she is beautiful...she said she has black hair, beautiful blue eyes, pale white skin, she reminds me of snow white...AND SHE IS GETTING MARRIED IN A RED WEDDING DRESS!!!" I said here are my shots from the day in Chico...

She just stepped out the door and looked out the window and as you can see...stunning!

Two steps from the window was the staircase...within minutes I knew this wedding was going to be beautiful!

This was just out on the patio...

Here are Kendra's formals...

Kendra's sister was her maid of honor...and just as beautiful as her sister. Part of this pose was planned. I always do a sit down pose and my assistant had asked me to keep in mind the "Kiley pose" . So I had the girls sit down with something with twisted legs in mind... THIS was what we got! LOVED IT!

I loved this I added two ceremony pictures to go with it!

Here is the happy couple...

This orchard was just across the street...PERFECT!

If you know me well, you know I love finding things with my name on it,
so of course I took a shot of this pillow!

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