Monday, August 2, 2010

Josh and Kara's Engagements in Volcano, Ca - Sacramento Wedding Photography

I loved this shoot! There are good stories behind these pictures!!! This first one is in the same location where they said their vows. They were actually thinking of doing it in another direction, but after they saw these, decided to move the wedding spot facing this awesome shed kinda thing!

Loved this blue wall! LOVE LOVE LOVE WALLS AND DOORS!!!

Now here is were the stories begin! THIS picture was taken AFTER jumping  a bobbed wire fence! Well not me...them! I stayed on the legal side of the fence!  But when we were driving to our last location we just came upon it. They like I, really like the old dilapidated rugged barn look so we all were thinking the same thing as we came upon it on the 2 lane highway! It was well worth the risk! I loved all the pictures we took there! We took a lot considering we were trespassing!!!

The story behind this picture is, this is Daffodil Hill. Which is only in bloom for a few months out of the year. We thought it was just a hill, similar to the prior picture. It is NOT!!! We drove up to a total tourist site! There were tons and tons of people! We had no idea the place was THAT popular! Here is the awesome part, well for us anyways, this was the last weekend it was in bloom! The snow came in the higher elevations the next weekend so all the daffodils froze and died! We just barely got here in time for these awesome pictures!!!

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