Monday, August 2, 2010

Jose and Vivian's Engagements in Old Sacramento

Here is Jose and Vivian's engagement shoot with me in Old Sacramento. I have to admit...I was a little nervous, which I usually am not because they knew the location better then I did. This was surprisingly my first shoot in Old Sac! A shame I know! But as soon as we got just worked! I LOVE THIS SHOOT!!! So the way I look at it is...this is what I how I shoot when nervous ...can't tell can ya! These first few I picked to blog because of the moments I caught between Jose and Vivian are just priceless!

I think these are ALMOST my favorite of the whole shoot! ALMOST!

This was VERY hard to shoot...all 3 of us had to run in and out of traffic to get these! Wasn't easy! When I was in the clear, they weren't and vice versa!!! But it was fun!


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  1. Very very nice :) i went to school with vivian. its amazing to see her again so happy. Congrats.