Monday, August 2, 2010

The beautiful wedding of Jose and Julie Anne - Sacramento Wedding Photography

This wedding blog is all about the formals!!! This was a wonderful location but most of all, Jose and Julie Anne were an awesome couple to photograph! I noticed this white wall and I just thought the texture of this wall  was going to be the backdrop of choice for most of these formals! I have adjusted my style the last few months to include some sitting down pictures. I just love the way every time I have a bride (and groom) sit, each picture ends up being very different from other weddings. I have realized while shifting my style to include sitting photographs, not every bench or chair or pose, looks the same. This is an example of pictures that subsequent brides call my Kiley signature pose. ( Last September during Kiley's wedding is when I perfected it!!!) There is a simple elegance about Julie Anne that just makes these photographs stunning!

Here are the girls!!! In the interview process with me, Julie Anne informed me that she chose this church mostly she said because she LOVED the blue doors! I also being a fan of different colored doors, I was excited to photograph the formals using it!

And here are the boys!!!

Here are the formals of Jose and Julie Anne following their traditional church ceremony. I realized when photographing their engagements, that this couple just had IT!!! (the engagements are listed lower on the blog) The way they interact with each other is very touching, I didn't have to tell them to do much of anything. Just encouraged them to be themselves and interact with each other. Which came very easy to them, which then made photographing them a dream! When we were done with the "formals" and went on to the reception, they just had a very special connection with each other that you could see and was photographed with ease throughout the rest of their event.

The following poses I LOVE! It's not that I had never photographed a couple sitting together...if there is ever a bench around I always took advantage of that kind of pose. But what I like about what I did here was instead of just having them sit, I posed them in very similar poses that I would pose them in, if they were standing up. This is something I have incorporated since into most of my weddings.

* The 2nd  photographer who assisted me with this wedding was Shannon Edgar.

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