Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Michele and Justin's February Engagements at The Japanese Tea Garden in Lodi, Ca

Here is the engagement shoot of Michele and Justin in The Japanese tea Garden in Lodi that we did a few weeks ago! They are getting married on a quite popular date this year 9-10-11...I look forward to it!

I love this wall...it is actually brown and it gives a different look to this otherwise outdoor shooting area. Everyone know I love walls and doors so I even use one in my garden shoots!

I love using the bamboo area...as we walk past it EVERYONE says, are we going to do a picture over there?

Note to self: No flowers at garden in February...March yes...and by end of April gone again! So we found just about the only flowered area and here you go! As I always say, it isn't really about the background anyways with my photography, it's about the people in front of the background! I can capture a moment in front of a dumpster! (As my clients know how have photographed in Old Sac...we come close. It's just on the opposite wall we are shooting on!

And here is the infamous red bridge...infamous to my garden photography anyways! And these shots show you why!

For the record..the rainbow is NOT photoshopped in and yes I knew it was there right after I took it...and no I wasn't able to get it again! This I believe was the only shot that caught it!!!

Michele and Justin are GREAT dippers!!! You either have it or you don't! I have tried to SHOW people how to do it..they either do it well or I just say, hey it was the moment that counted! They said they have been practicing, I told them I could tell!!! So in September we will have one shot down for sure!

I love these shots! A bit staged at first but not after the first few frames...

Can't wait for September! Congrats guys!!!

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