Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CJ and YooSun's Engagements in Old Sacramento

Here is a sample of CJ and YooSun's engagement shoot in Old Sacramento, this February. They are a quiet couple at first...but were so much fun! They wanted to EVERYTHING I suggested and came up with a few idea's of their own! I love shooting in Old Sacramento and every time I do I get a chance to try something different! It, in my opinion is the best place to do engagements!!!!

 This was fun! We walked past the bike shop and I thought hey...lets see if they will let us use their bikes for a few minutes!!!

 Right next door to the bike shop was this dress shop...they did this all on their own! No direction from me at all!

 Now this idea was thought up by YooSun's 12 year old niece that came to the shoot...very cute!!!

These are always my kind of favorites...just people being themselves!!!

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