Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Engagement session in Downtown Napa sneak peak!!! Fun fun fun!!!

Downtown Napa ended up being an awesome place to do an engagement session!!!
Loved this brick wall....every "old" town has a perfect brick wall! Always!

Just around the corner from the brick wall outside the Napa River Inn was the cutest hat rack!!! Love these crazy pictures!!!

This is one of my favorites of the hats!!!

But I think these two are my favorites over all!!!

Takin' a walk around the shops...

One of my new using it everywhere!

Loved this can see her ring right through the kiss!

This is probably the most recognizable area of Downtown Napa...
thought we would take some around the bridge.

My favorite bridge picture!!! BTW isn't this dress the most beautiful color!!!

The seagull just was a-sittin' there!!!

Thought I would get a little old school creative on these next two!

Didn't really want to do these tree ones...haha...they thought it would be cute...sometimes the old stuff we use to do STILL works!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE these! That's why you always do what your customer wants...they are always right..right???


These were taken at the end of a very long shoot...we still had it going on into the 2nd hour!!!

One of my other favorite!!!

Can't wait for August for this wedding...HELLO GHIRADELLI SQUARE!!!

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