Tuesday, March 1, 2011

CJ and YooSun's February Wedding Sneak Peeks!!!

Here is the sneak peak of the wedding of CJ and YooSun the day before Valentine's Day!!! It was at the beautiful Hyatt in Downtown Sacramento just across the street from the Capitol building so of course I made plans to escape over there for a few minutes! (They are further down the blog)

But first things first...the dress...and her beautiful shoes! Love love love...

This was just stunning from across the room! I had to capture it! Later on during her formals, I asked her to put her legs like she did when putting on her shoes...ummmm...it wasn't able to be recreated!!! Haha..she couldn't remember how she put them and it just became all awkward! Ha...gotta catch it in the moment I say!!!

I just loved this moment...when the dress fit to perfection!

YooSun was just beautiful...I love these next few pictures!

Here is YooSun during her formals! She is a bit shy...but then again not so much!  It is so funny what happens every time I have a bride just lift her dress a little, show some leg and have the shoes all sexy....they all just come alive...

Here are CJ and YooSun crossing the street to the capitol...

And here are the formals! Just stunning!

Loved this!

These are the fun ones!!!

CJ and YooSun only had one event at the reception and that was the cake cutting...I just had to include these! The skyline of downtown Sac was beautiful!

We finally got to go out on the rooftop...and magic happened!

Last shot of the night when all the birds took flight across the sunset sky....sounded a bit poetic huh!!! What a wonderful day before Valentine's Day wedding!

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