Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinterest Wedding Idea of the Day! Wedding Aisle's

I have recently found so many really cool ideas for wedding aisle's,
 I thought I would do a whole quick post with all of them!!!

Here we go!!!
Here is my favorite one...not only do I LOVE the thick roses, but I also LOVE the candles...
it's just so stunning, the whole look!

Here is a look at an indoor wedding with thick beautiful roses. But what I also like about this idea is the idea of the rainbow color of roses used. What a beautiful idea!


This a bit more simple, well, maybe not to the one having to design it! LOL!
 But it would cost alot less then the ideas above.

Here is a cool beach idea....

Now for a few idea's of what to put on the chairs/pews...this I LOVE! You could use wedding pictures of your guests, both your parents wedding pictures on their respective sides...engagement pictures...
the ideas are endless!!!

Just love this look...this could be varied in TON"S of ways!

This one is just very different and cool so I had to include this one! A chalk board isle!!! (and if you keep trying to read it like I is a different language!!lol)

Now...I know that most brides are NOT going to use these last ideas BUT are they not just the most beautiful!!!

Again, thank you for visiting my blog! Check back for more ideas!!! Happy Wedding Planning!!!

Pinterest link to my "ALL ABOUT WEDDING'S " :
( If you follow this link, you can click on the idea you like and you may be able to get more information on the  ideas and a link to the originally blogger who posted it on the web.)

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