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Pinterest Wedding Idea of the Day! To see each other or not??? That is the BIG question!!!

Pinterest Wedding Idea of the Day!!!

One of the BIGGEST questions (after he pops the question) that brides have these days is to see each other before walking down the isle or not. The two USUAL options are doing the traditional walk down the isle OR do a reveal.

If only one of you doesn't want to wait till the is usually the groom that wants to see each other first, I think they get nervous of the big "walk" down the isle. The reason they fear it, I think, is the same reason us brides WANT it! (funny huh?) We want to see him looking only at us AND we are longing to see how he emotionally responds to us! (Yea, we all want our man to shed a few tears over our radiant beauty!!! lol) and not just that but how he will react in front of EVERYONE we know! ANd usually grooms...don't want everyone watching his reaction, because even though we are looking at the know you always look to see what's up with the know you do!!! And he knows this too!
 I think the main reason we want to NOT see each other prior, is because we have seen this in our "wedding dreams" since most of us were little girls. I think if the latter is's something you always wanted, I DO NOT think you should forgo tradition. We start envisioning things and SOME things we actually can still do , with budgets being as they are, some DREAMS get cut. This one costs nothing, but I think, is priceless!!

Here are two of my favorite walking down the isle moments!!!

The reveal option is awesome too! We set up an area where we have the bride walks up on the groom and he turns around and sees her for the first time! It is a beautiful moment. Sometimes done alone or in front of family. I will say that the people who have chosen this option enjoyed spending the WHOLE day together rather then spend the beginning of the day hiding from each other. I PERSONALLY wouldn't choose this option UNLESS you are opting for a sunset wedding and you DO NOT want your formals to be taken in the dark!!! It again comes back to the DREAM!!! What is more important to you??? Maybe you never saw that in your DREAM...then by all means see each other!!!

Here is a reveal we did on the Capitol steps:


Here is a reveal at a wedding at home in front of family and friends:


BUT I came across a third option!!! I think it is a GREAT option for those who can't decide!!This way no one compromises!

(here is the Pinterest link:

Here is another few examples:

 It is not quite a reveal because you won't actually see each other BUT you will get to talk and touch each other before walking down the isle!

I hope this blog post gave you ideas or reasons to consider any of the three options for your wedding day!!!

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