Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pinterest Wedding Idea of the Day!!! Something BLUE!!!

I chose "Something BLUE" as my idea of the day because there are SO many cool ways to do your something blue! From subtle to drastic!!!

BUT first, in case you don't know WHY we do the something blue, 
it comes from the Old English rhyme that goes:
 "Something old,
 Something new,
Something borrowed, 
Something blue, 
A sixpence in your shoe"

Originally the old, new, borrowed and blue were love tokens given by mothers or sisters or close family members in the 11th hour on a brides wedding day.

Something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; something blue stands for purity, love, and fidelity; and a sixpence in your shoe is a wish for good fortune and prosperity. that we know WHY we do the something the ideas!!!

My favorite Pinterest idea for Something blue is...

BLUE glitter on the bottom of the shoes!!! When I saw this I LOVED it! I think it is one of my FAVORITE!!!
Here is a link to DIY glitter shoes: 
Pinterest link: 

Next Idea...don't you need something to carry those gorgeous shoes in?
 This comes from one of OUR brides 
(Dina Fischer of A Moment of Joy Photography photographed these next 2 pics)

Here is a awesome  Mindy Weiss shoe bag

Our bride Mallory tells you how she got these cool deals 
(and her MANY other wedding day ideas) on our blog post:
Pinterest links: Sole mates 
Wedding shoes bag

Next up is a pretty popular I idea these is the I Do on the bottom of the shoe...

Follow either link below to find out where to buy!!!

Here is one of our beautiful brides, Kiley, showing off her version of the sticker on the bottom of the shoe, this is also one of the cutest ways to photograph the bottom of the brides shoe:

I have just found a really cool new way to photograph
 the blue stickers on shoes on the wedding day...check this out!!!

What about just BLUE shoes? This pair of VERY interesting shoes belong to another one of our brides Ali. 

Here is what I LOVE most about these shoes??? After Ali got married she called me when she became pregnant for pictures...and I said "Bring out those blue wedding shoes!" Look what we did with them!!!

If you want to sneak over and look at the rest of Ali's prego shoot go to: 

I LOVE this next idea of stitching your wedding date onto the bottom of the dress. Other ideas could be a monogram OR even your maiden name. If you stitch it to the can be passed down through generations with all the brides whom wear it on the bottom...oh what a great idea!!! lol 

Another blue dress idea, this is under one of our drastic ideas, you need to be very committed to this can also use the above idea with it!

Here another common idea...(back to the less committed ideas)... lol

One place to buy, follow either of the links below: 

Cute ideas for jewelry...

The following are VERY simple ideas...

Blue toenail polish...

CUTE way to get the groom involved in the blue...(great for pictures!)

Either a blue garter, but even this simple ribbon is just so pretty...

And last but not least...wear ANY shoes and let your loved ones write their messages to you on the bottom of your wedding shoes...IN BLUE...after all...the tradition comes form the tokens of love from your family!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog!!! Check back soon for my nest idea of the day!!!!

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