Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Just For Fun!!! Video I Made For My Sister!!!

Okay...I made the following video last May for my sisters birthday and Masters Grad party. I had made a slide show for her wedding and on her 30th birthday and Bachelors Grad party, her 40th approached I knew I was needing to do something...I thought about restoring and editing with new pictures the old slide shows I already made, but they were on a that was causing some difficulty and I just couldn't figure out what to do! 

So...I was watching a Jimmy Fallon episode with Fallon and Emma Stone lip-syncing together and I decided that's what we would do! So I immediately starting thinking of all the songs we could use...and if I could get her husband to lip-sync..well...then I already nailed it! ( he is the first one who appears in the video!) I only had a few weeks to get this done so I requested that everyone attending the party to send me a picture with a word that described Dawn so I could add them to the end of the video.

So I had my kids (wearing yellow in the video, my oldest is the red head shown dancing) and both of my sisters kids go to my parents the next Sunday to do all the lip-syncing. I also decided that those of us who there, including all the kids, could video our words in a personal, creative LIVE  way...which ended up being my favorite part!

But I had a few one! When I went to record my brother-in-laws lip-syncing, the day after I had  recorded ALL the other live stuff...I realized I had (somehow) NOT recorded any of the kids words to my sister...BUT thankfully I did have EVERYTHING else! Whew!!! Soooo....I picked up my kids and my sisters kids and re-taped theirs! (This video was a surprise BTW)

 Another glitch, I also had timed the lip-syncing so perfect and knew exactly where to cut things (so thankfully the editing was fast and easy and it was my first time editing live video) that I needed to use a lot of the out-takes that I never planned on besides my brother-in-laws lip-syncing ...the whole first part...are take-out bloopers...but they fit pretty well!

I am in no way adding this to this list of things I do professionally (LOL)...nor do I think this is in anyway a PRO video (LOL)...but it sure is funny, clever and in the words to my sister touching. So I just wanted to share! I also gave the camera over so I could be in it I am the blond with crazy hair!


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