Monday, April 20, 2015

Jose's Five Year Anniversary Ring Surprise For Vivian!

Here is one of the BEST "Happily Ever After" stories I've photographed so far! 
I met Jose and Vivian when they were planing their wedding just over five years ago. I was able to do their engagements, wedding, one-year-anniversary-vow-renewal. 

 When they did their vow renewal, Vivian was VERY pregnant! SO that led to baby pictures of their growing family every few months and EVERY Christmas. So when Jose called me to be apart of a BIG surprise I was VERY excited!!! And I was actually VERY nervous! (I had lines to memorize!)

So here is the back-story...Vivian saw a ring a few months prior, and fell in-love with it, Jose told her that they just couldn't afford it. Well...Jose had secret plans to buy this ring as a surprise Vivian for their 5th wedding anniversary. He came up with a way to surprise her and called me to capture the surprise moment for them!

Okay, from here on...I will tell the rest of the story as captions for the pictures:
So here was the plan...Jose planned to bring Vivian to dinner at their wedding location Whitney Oaks and tell her they were here to take some special pictures..saving the ring surprise as a second surprise...

VIVIAN:  "What is Joy doing here?"

 JOSE: "Well, I know you wanted to take pictures in front of this fountain that we didn't take on our wedding, so Joy is here to take some for us!"

(VIVIAN begins crying...)

 JOSE: (still explaining the fountain pictures)...
 JOSE: (still explaining the fountain pictures and VIVIAN still crying...LOL)...

Here are the pictures that VIVIAN thinks we are here for...

This pose was pretty perfect that VIVIAN came up with to begin our real surprise...

So JOSE looks at me and I know I have to be ready for my line coming up! I nod to tell him I am ready!!!

JOSE: "Hey, I know you always wished that we had had a photographer there when I proposed to you."
ME: "Hey, I know! We could just pretend right now since I am here. Maybe you could just take off your ring, and Jose can pretend to propose to you by putting the ring on your finger?" (I must say this was ALL Jose's ideas!)

VIVIAN take off wedding ring...

And right away VIVIAN saw it and knew it was a NEW ring!!! 

 JOSE: "You deserve this. Everything good I have, I have because you are a part of my life."
( so sweet!)

Here is the NEW ring!!!

A few more pictures before they went to dinner...

If you are looking for a photographer who you want around for the "Happily Ever After"...I could be perfect for's the BEST part of my job! LOVE my clients!!!

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