Monday, February 27, 2012

Daily Shot of JOY!!! 02-27-12

Here is my Daily Shot of Joy!!! I LOVE this pose!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!
April and Dean are just too cute!

Check back tomorrow for more Picture of the Day
AND Wedding PINTEREST ideas of the day (NEW!!!)

NEW BLOG IDEA!!! New PINTEREST idea of the day!!!

After much thought, I have decided to add a feature to this blog! On my Facebook, I have been posting a Wedding Idea of the has become QUITE popular! So I have decided to add it to my blog too! I am not sure at the moment the BEST way to post these. So PLEASE give me feedback as to which way YOU prefer. I am starting off with adding a picture with the idea, unlinked. BUT I am going to RIGHT under it add my Pinterest link and/or Facebook link. We will see how this goes! 

Ok here we go! MY FAVORITE Pinterest Wedding Idea of the Day is...

Bridesmaids Shoes with Message from the Bride!!!

This is one of the coolest ideas I have seen in a long time! The bride writes a personal message to each bridesmaid on the bottom of their wedding shoes! What an awesome way to show your appreciation to the people who are sharing your day with you and who love you! And then EVEN if the shoes are UGLY (lol) they will ALWAYS keep them!!! Haha!

This idea can be used in many other variations! Including a message from the bride to the groom OR to even go further and to look further in the future..what about on your babies FIRST pair of shoes....writing your baby boy/girl a message to give them on their wedding day or wedding shower OR even baby shower (yes....your grandchild!!!)

I am always trying to help all of you THINK ahead!!! Some of these ideas are things you will do NOW and not see the persons face you did this for for YEARS! But how special your child will feel someday!!! Man...where was the Internet when I had my first baby!!! But DO NOT worry ALMOST ALL of these ideas can be tweaked to work at anytime and any age...even if they are for your grandchildren instead! (and NO I am NOT even close to a grandma YET!)

Here is the Pinterest link (please feel free to follow me on Pinterest too):

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wedding Idea!!! Photofetti!

Just wanted to quickly add this to the blog today!
I took these pictures at a Tahoe wedding a few years ago
and it is STILL one of the coolest wedding ideas!
Go to to order Photofetti to your wedding tables.
This couple used them on their cocktail tables! Cute huh?

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Daily Shot of JOY!" 02-06-12

Here is my "Daily Shot of JOY" for 02-06-12!!!
This was my favorite of Kathleen and Andre's engagement shoot at the Old Sugar Mill... I saw this pose online the night before the shoot and decided I would try it out!
 Loved it!

The daily shot and the rest of this post was taken at The Old Sugar was my first time shooting there so I just wanted to show a good sample of the ground!

Here is the cool blue wall thing with brick...great color and texture contrast...

Kathleen had this picture in her phone so we tried it. I think it turned out pretty good, considering we realized the example was TOTALLY FAKE AND PHOTO SHOPPED! You would think they would have thought to use the same girl in the reflection as in the actual real version!!! Duh!
So we did good considering! lol!

Love the background...

This wall was cool!

This was different...I ended up loving Kathleen and Andre in these!

There was a little acting involved here!

We had A LOT of fun directing Andre in this shot! Poor Andre....we did about 10 takes, and that was before we figured out HOW we wanted him to look...then it took about 10 more...but it was alot of fun!

These I just LOVE...just simple...

Just beautiful...

Yesterday's post, which is below this an outfit change AND were taken across the street at the vineyard and near the train tracks a few miles away.

Can't wait to go back to the Old Sugar Mill...I am looking for a couple  who wants to do a "Trash the Dress Session" here....let me know if it's you!

Stay tuned for the next "Daily Shot of JOY"!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Daily Shot of JOY!" 02-04-12 and 02-05-12

Here is my "Daily Shot of JOY" for today!

This is one of my favorite pictures from yesterday's photo shoot. We saw it as soon as we got near the train track. We thought him...that truck would look awesome in the background. SO we took a few on the tracks and then decided to try to get a few shots AROUND the truck, not knowing if anyone was in it or not...well no one was it. So we decided to grab a few!!! Here are a few more favs, the truck became a character in the photographs...don't you think???

Here is my "Daily Shot of JOY" for YESTERDAY! :)

This is another part of the shoot...across the street from The Old Sugar Mill  (I will show off a few and my FAVORITE tomorrow form the Old Sugar Mill) are a few more...

Check back tomorrow for a few more!!!