Monday, February 6, 2012

"Daily Shot of JOY!" 02-06-12

Here is my "Daily Shot of JOY" for 02-06-12!!!
This was my favorite of Kathleen and Andre's engagement shoot at the Old Sugar Mill... I saw this pose online the night before the shoot and decided I would try it out!
 Loved it!

The daily shot and the rest of this post was taken at The Old Sugar was my first time shooting there so I just wanted to show a good sample of the ground!

Here is the cool blue wall thing with brick...great color and texture contrast...

Kathleen had this picture in her phone so we tried it. I think it turned out pretty good, considering we realized the example was TOTALLY FAKE AND PHOTO SHOPPED! You would think they would have thought to use the same girl in the reflection as in the actual real version!!! Duh!
So we did good considering! lol!

Love the background...

This wall was cool!

This was different...I ended up loving Kathleen and Andre in these!

There was a little acting involved here!

We had A LOT of fun directing Andre in this shot! Poor Andre....we did about 10 takes, and that was before we figured out HOW we wanted him to look...then it took about 10 more...but it was alot of fun!

These I just LOVE...just simple...

Just beautiful...

Yesterday's post, which is below this an outfit change AND were taken across the street at the vineyard and near the train tracks a few miles away.

Can't wait to go back to the Old Sugar Mill...I am looking for a couple  who wants to do a "Trash the Dress Session" here....let me know if it's you!

Stay tuned for the next "Daily Shot of JOY"!

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