Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Cost/Value of Wedding Photography

Last week I saw a Facebook conversation that I was privy to because I was tagged by a friend. It was about the cost of wedding photography and the worth of it, the poster was VERY negative. I didn't respond as it was really none of my business. I did post something about it on MY wall.

What I am posting/sharing with you is not what I said, or the photographer whom I quoted said, which was really good about what we charge and why and the money breakdown of business costs etc...etc... (I will put the link of the other photographer below, it was VERY informative) what I am posting for you to read is what my beautiful sister posted in response! Love you sis!!!

Thanks for posting this Joy! I think it is interesting that people think that these days, because they have such high tech cameras that anyone with a great camera can do what you do. That's asinine. I don't think anyone with the most paint set money could buy could create the Picasso...I remember seeing your full albums for the first time and being awed; I knew you were just not anybody with a camera. It was the first time I wanted to go brag to everyone that my sister was a photographer because of the story you created with your talent.

Your pictures were/are so good that they almost make me want to be that bride and share in that wonderful day with total strangers. Because we are all especially busy and overwhelmed these days, those little moments that you find and you snap in one still moment, capture the beauty that we are too preoccupied to see on any given day!! I love how you take such precious time to get to know your bride, who she is, what she desires/ likes so that on that day, you are not just taking a pretty picture that may end up on the cover of one of the most popular bridal magazine (which you have done, I might add) but more than that, you make them personally relevant, personally intimate for the bride, her spouse and her family.

This is my take on wedding photography: precious are these moments, so much so, that a bride will look back on them and remember how happy that day was, how care free her love was, maybe even how small her waistline was when people wouldn't otherwise believe her. These are the moments that a bride and her spouse will look back at when they have a rough patch and they may be forgetting why they ever tied the knot in the first place. Even for some brides, because life is unpredictable, these could be the last memories they have with a mother, or a father, a friend, even their own husband. These are the captured memories that will be passed down to her children, and her grandchildren and the generations to come, to remember who she was or even learn about her for the first time because they never got to meet her. How would you want them to envision this day?

There is a long list of expenses involved in the cost of a wedding, some of them more expensive than photography. Do any of them cherish this day the way that pictures do...I'd say that's a big fat negative. Most of those things are gone instantly or they walk away in the memory of your guest for maybe a week before the "beautiful wedding" they say you threw becomes forgotten because, guess whose life is most important to them: theirs is!! Shouldn't yours be important to you, especially on your wedding day? Abso-freakin-lutely!!

Link to a photographers response to a negative craigslist ad..her take on wedding photography :

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