Saturday, April 21, 2012

Daily Shot of JOY! Confetti "Save the Date" shoot!!!

Daily Shot of JOY!

I decided to pick my picture of the day from a shoot I did yesterday for a "Save The Date"
card for one of my brand new clients!
They came up with the idea of blowing/tossing confetti.
We both assumed we would need LOTS of confetti for MANY tries
and I even brought a broom in case we ran out!
 Advice to anyone planning to do a shoot like this...
we took about 100 pictures, which means 100 confetti tosses, and we only used half a bag!

My favorite pick was the first picture that I shot! We got it right on the very first try!

This one ended up being pretty cool too!

We thought it would be fun for them to throw the confetti up into the air...

I loved the way they both looked AFTER the threw up the confetti
so I decided to throw it up for them it this shot!

Loved this one! I am so excited for Chris and Amanda's New Years Eve wedding at The Citizen Hotel...there my not be confetti but it will be a party AND fireworks!!!


I had so much fun on this shoot! I have started a new "Save the Date" photo shoot option. It's a great way  for brides who have the set the date and need to send "saves" out but haven't yet found or committed to a photographer. The shoot start at $50 AND the chance to "trial run" your possible wedding photographer. These "Save the Date" mini sessions are only about a half an hour long, usually in Old Sacramento and produce about 50 picture for you to keep.

Call/email me today
 to set up your mini session

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