Thursday, July 21, 2011

Evangeline's Sari Indian Wedding Dress

Many people commented on Facebook last week, while I was at my Christian Indian wedding, posting about how beautiful it was, said they wanted to see the I posted the details that were the MOST beautiful...the SARI...the jewelry, the BRIDE and her mother. (I included a few shots of a very emotional mom looking at her beautiful daughter with tears in her eyes) It was an Christian Indian Wedding, which means the ceremony itself was traditional Christian, in which Evangeline wore a traditional white wedding dress. The reception was all about their Indian culture were she wore her Sari and jewelry.

Here are pictures of Evangeline's Sari and her getting all wrapped up in it!

Here is her beautiful jewelry and her putting it on...

Here are the colorful bracelets she wore...

As she was looking at herself she said "Now I really feel like a bride!"


I love the look on mom's face as she is looking up at her daughter...

I snapped this picture just as her mom was about to leave the bridal room right before the bride and groom were to make their entrance into the reception. LOVE IT...she was taking a moment to look at her daughter, you could tell she would remember it the rest of her life and that this is the last moment that Evangeline was all hers!!!

I hope you all enjoyed this beautful post as much as I do!!!

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