Friday, September 10, 2010

Happily Ever After Never Looked So Good!!! Professional Wedding Photographer and Family Portrait Photographer

Here are a few updates from two of my past wedding clients!!! Their families are growing!!! I just LOVE photographing weddings..but the next best thing, is being able to see all the wonderful couples again and share with them the events of their lives. I was honored to be apart of their wedding days...and even more honored that they when they think of who they want to photograph their is me!!!

Do you remember this jumping picture!!! I used it for a while on many advertisements. It is still one of my favorite jumping pictures of all time! I love how Veronica is just in focus!!! This was taken at Veronica and Bradley's wedding back in 2008...

Here they are with 4 month old Fallon...isn't she beautiful! I was so excited to hear they were expecting their first child (via Facbook of course!) So excited when they contacted me for her first Professional Photography Shoot!!!

Here is Ali and Greg during their first dance last October! I loved this photo because it captured their relationship with each other...

I was honored to be able to photograph their GROWING family!!! Ali is due in 6 weeks and I have already set aside her due date to meet them at the hospital to meet this blessed child!

Now the advantage to photographing someones wedding and then being invited to capture their lives I am privy to little perks like knowing about these sexy and funky shoes Ali wore and we highlighted in her wedding photo's! I just had to have her pull them out for our shoot last weekend! I knew we had taken many photo's of her crossing her legs with these shoes so I was looking to put her in the shoes in similar poses to the ones we had done last year!

To see more of these Family Portrait Photography shoots and MANY more wonderful families I am proud to call my photography family...please go to:
I hope if you are looking for a wedding photographer, that you are looking for that person to be around throughout your families lives...please keep that in mind when searching for that perfect photographer!!!

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