Friday, September 10, 2010

Ashley and Steve on the blog! Professional Wedding Photography

Here is the wedding of Ashley and Steve!!! I just love Ashley's getting ready pictures! She was a natural at posing...she could pose without even trying! This is always my favorite pictures of the day. There is something exciting about the anticipation of walking down the isle! Simple yet elegant...

Ashley's train is just awesome! It was her aunt's. It was a little old fashioned she thought at first...but oh my goodness...when you put the right old with something new...this was right and it was stunning (there are pictures later in this post that show off this long train). And the way these next few pictures happened wasn't planned. She was kinda down just fixing shoes or something and we had her kinda almost sit...well she just sat on down...and how lucky we were that she did!

The wedding took place at the Herold Fire Department, Steve is a fireman.

These I think are my favorite formals of Ashley...and I just have to mention her beautiful bouquet!!! Don't you think??? I am just mentioning it because  I MADE IT!!! Yes you heard me, THE PHOTOGRAPHER MADE THE BOUQUET!!! I know it's not perfect I AM NOT A FLORIST by any stretch of the imagination...but what happened was the girls were going to make the bouquets themselves right before the ceremony. Well Ashley was just about done with her make-up and the flowers hadn't even been started...soooooo  I decided we can't start pictures without the I got started! And they way we chose to wrap it, I had to hold onto it and complete the whole thing! I will also mention to those of you checking out this blog while looking for a wedding photographer...YOUR photographer has one of the most important roles on your wedding, especially if you DO NOT have a coordinator! I have curled hair, undone knots in necklaces, I don't sew but I carry thread and extra bobby pins, safety pins EVERYTHING!!! I have even loaned a bride an earring back...hello April..still have that??? j/k Anyways my point is...hire someone that understands that there job is so important that ANYTHING can become their job that day!!! Make sure your professional wedding photographer is one, a professional and two is a flexible person and jumps in EVERYWHERE needed!!! You will end up depending on your photographer more then you think! So make sure they a dependable!!!

And here is Steve...

I did mention Steve is a we had a little fun!

I mentioned the veil is a perfect picture of it!!! Love this one!!!

My girl Ashley was just a photographers dream in what she would do in a wedding dress!!! Yes she is sitting in her wedding gown in front of a barn...just love the shot we took of her after in this location!!!

Ashley and Steve congratulations and I hope you enjoyed your sneak peek!!!

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