Friday, July 9, 2010

Sarah and Mike's Wedding at Vizcaya - Vizcaya Wedding Photography - Sacramento Wedding Photography

This is the wedding of Sarah and Mike at the beautiful Vizcaya in downtown Sacramento. I have known this family almost all of my life so I was very excited to be apart of this families big day! I love this getting ready shots of Sarah...

Here are a few of Sarah and Mike's formals at the Vizcaya. One of these formals is in Sacramento Bride and Groom Magazine Summer/Fall 2010 edition...very proud!

This is the close up of the one used in the magazine...check it out on page 58 of SacBride mag. If you want to look online go to  The online magazine is a few pages off from the actual magazine so I it's on about page 58-60 or so!

Have you noticed the awesome blue tone we used throughout this wedding blog? It was so beautiful on
Sarah...these last "First Dance" pictures are my FAVORITE!!!!

*The 2nd photographer who assisted me for this wedding was Dina Fisher

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  1. I have really enjoyed watching your wedding photos... atunbi