Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Little Sneak Peek of Shanelle and Jon's Engaement Shoot at Nimbus Flat State Park

Here is an awesome outdoor engagement shoot I did in the spring this year.
We did these Nimbus Flat State Park. It is a great choice for engagements!

  Shanelle wanted some wild flowers in the shoot...this was what we found!

This little area under the tree is perfect for photo shoots..and there is already this thing to sit on!

The other side of the tree is a great spot too!

  Trying...really trying to dip! Some couples just can't do it! These are one of those couples! They have homework to practice before their November wedding.

  This is our new version of a dip/kiss...not quite a dip...but has the same leaning back effect.

Needed a few shots by the water...

Love this's so woodsy!

 And I promised we would not forget to include Jon's motorcycle! Against mine and Shanelle's better judgement...we did right there on the path! I think Jon really wanted the motorcycle BUT also really wanted the shoot to be over and didn't want to go anywhere else! LOL 

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