Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Backyard Auburn Wedding on the blog!

I am so excited to share the beautiful wedding in Auburn of Carolyn and Damon. We do most of our weddings in Sacramento, but it's fun to shoot in areas that are new! This wedding was beautifully photographed by our second team of photographers at A Moment of Joy Photography.  Dina is our second lead photographer, she has worked with me for over 12 years therefore we have a similar style, you probably can't tell that I, Joy, didn't photograph any of these! Which means we are able to have two teams available for popular wedding dates, without loosing our style and look of OUR photography.  Nicole was the second photographer on this wedding, she was brand new working with us and was awesome! We are excited to assign her to some of our weddings in the coming year.

Okay here we go! Beautiful flowers and rings. Love all these details!

Love the personalization...

These are just priceless...

 Always a good time when getting dressed starts off this way!

Love the details captured in these moments while Carolyn was getting dressed.

LOVE the angle of this tying the bow shot!


LOVE LOVE LOVE these next few of Carolyn and her cutie patutie nieces. I love how little girls look up at brides with stars in their eyes. It is just so cute.

Love this one!

There is something about this garter shot that I LOVE!

Putting on jewelry time!

These next THREE pictures I think, are my favorite of the getting ready shots!

I made sure to keep this silly one's one of the brides favorites because her sister has one similar one on her wedding day!

 This one is another favorite!

 LOVE this. I want to say it's a newer thing I guess. Doing a reveal with dad. We have, at other weddings, done whole family reveals and wedding party reveals. They are all pretty awesome! But you do need to remember to leave a little extra time for them!



A few of Carolyn alone before the first look with her groom...


Beautiful wedding sneak peek...


A few "formals".

LOVE these...they are stunning...

I love this one.

These are so very cute.

 Here is a benefit to a "First Look" get to kiss your bride before you walk down the aisle.

One of my favorite moments of ANY ceremony is the "give-away"! Because they are some of the most natural moments of the whole day. Look at the second picture, look at dads hand. Beautiful. Then the third picture, look at dads face. PRICELESS...


This IS my FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE moment of the ceremony!

 This wedding had awesome details! Dina sent me a text while photographing these and said I would be jealous of all these awesome details! Take notes for your wedding!

 First dance...

So beautiful...

This is one of my favorite of the WHOLE day!

Love this. Love how the guests are all right behind them and a part of the shot.

 Father daughter dance.

Love this. 

 Ahh! So beautiful!

This concludes this wedding post!Thank you Carolyn and Damon for trusting A Moment of Joy Photography to be a part of your day!

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  1. What a fantastic wedding! Very beautifully you shared the details here on this post. I just loved their vow renewal location. It is so romantic. The idea of those boards is great. They are looking amazing!