Saturday, May 17, 2014

Sneak Peek Engagements by the River

Cutest, cutest, cutest couple award!!! So sweet, so photogenic!!! Just one really awesome American River Engagement Shoot.  I love it when people think they aren't photogenic or they think they need me to tell them what to do...if you just do what you do...then I just photograph that. But since everybody thinks they need help this is what I do (Photography Posing Techniques) I start with something really simple...and I am going to give away my awesome posing technique RIGHT now: You just tell the couple "I am going to tell you right now to do five of the following things and then you guys try to remember what I told you to do" and then you them the next poses and then say GO!!!

1) Look at me (got to remember to get a few of these...they aren't my favorite...but you need them!) It's okay to be fancy, but don't forget to do the not-so-fancy-look-at-the-camera pose!

 2) Kiss her neck

3) Kiss her forehead
4) Whoops, that's what I wanted you to do... mess up!!! Perfect...

These are some of my favorites too...okay I should probably just STOP saying when things are my favorite...because every single one of these pictures in this shoot are my favorites!!!

But out of my favorites...this one actually is my favorite, favorite, favorite!!!!

These were fun...I stayed safe up on my top rock...they did the little climb down.
What was interesting/funny/informative was when we were just finishing up on this location, the Park and Rec guys where down in the area because some teenagers where hanging out, well then they asked if I had a permit to shoot down by the river...and of course, I did NOT. They were really cool about it...but FYI photographers... you need a permit to shoot down by the river!!!

We even got the little ducks!

This is the second location we went to. This spot was on the way down to the river where they were going to set up a cute little picnic. Just a little change from the water look.

We started off with some cuddling by the water...

Then Janice set up her little picnic. Bread, grapes, wine and complete with Macaroons!!! Now if you read what I wrote above about the Park and Rec stopping us...Janice really wanted to open up the wine...Rene and I thought that maybe that wasn't a good idea with already getting stopped...might not want to push it with an open bottle of alcohol! LOL!!!


 These last ones are my favorite by the river...

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