Wednesday, October 3, 2012

First Dance Moments!

I have a "Daily shot of JOY!" on my Facebook page where I pick a favorite picture from the group of pictures that I am currently working on...well I couldn't pick so I decided to post some of them here!

I love my job...I get to see the relationships between people play out all day during a wedding. This family was just beautiful. I actually only met the bride and groom in person a month or so before their wedding for an engagement session in Tahoe, as they live in Florida. I felt from the moment I met them...that I knew them just as well as if I had been spending months with them!

I had heard that "East Coasters" are not that friendly, or a different friendly then us in the West...not with this group...EVERY single person at this wedding was just so enjoyable to be around ALL day! People who are good people are good no matter where they hail from! we go...

These pictures are of the bride and grooms first it when couples add some flair!!!

This was my first Jewish wedding so I decided to include pictures from The Horah dance...AND I did a little research today (with the help of google) to see if I could find out what the "dancing in the chairs" dance actually means, I do not know if this is the real meaning behind the dance, but I like it so I am sharing!!!

"It is to symbolize that a good marriage requires that one strive to go ever higher, closer to God.
It is to symbolize that one cannot do anything without being supported by others.
It is to symbolize that in order to accomplish anything of consequence
 one must get off the floor and do something!!!
It symbolizes the fact that we have little ultimate control of our lives and destinies."

Here are the fun pictures!!!

I couldn't pick out my favorites of these! Here is the Father Daughter Dance and the Mother Son Dance...

Thanks for taking the time to check out this post!!!

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