Saturday, November 26, 2011

Picture of the Day - 11/26/11 "The First Moment of Seeing the Bride"

I picked this picture as my picture of the day that I took at my wedding yesterday. I probably picked it because of the emotional connection I have with it because it is fresh in my mind. The ceremony was at 5pm and sunset was at 4:30...SO this requires pictures first!
Knowing I was going to have to create what photographers call a "reveal", I immediately knew when I saw the staircase THIS was where we would be doing it.

I normally DO NOT suggest that a bride and groom see each other before a wedding, mostly because I believe most little girls picture herself walking down the isle for most of their lives (I know I did) and I will not subject what my be easier for me as a photographer to ruin a dreamed about moment!!!
All of the bride and grooms family were already gathered for family photo's so I asked all of the family to gather around. I then asked the mother's if they would like to be at the top of the stairs or the bottom. (I suggested that the groom's mother be at the top to see her son's perspective and the bride's mother be at the bottom to see her daughters) It was a beautiful reveal shared with the whole family and wedding party!

It was spoke about in the toasts how special the moment was! I am so glad to have been apart of making special a moment that was dreamed about....different BUT special!

"The First Moment of Seeing the Bride"

Here are a few more pictures of the beautiful moment...enJOY!

Congratulations Simeon and Andrea!!!

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