Friday, October 28, 2011

How to have FUN at your engagement shoot??? Do it at a CARNIVAL!!!

Here is a sample of the engagement shoot I did this past September for John and Bernadette. I know when I met them they were looking to do their engagements at a fair or carnival. They kept their eye open for one and found the County Fair in Auburn that had this FUN carnival!!!! We had ALOT of fun! And they turned out awesome!!!! I hope you enjoy this post!!!!

Here was our first spot....right next to the Merry-Go-Round...the sun was just in the most perfect spot ever!

And yes...I made them GET on...what would be the fun if we didn't!!!
I will admit, it did make me a little dizzy!!! Lol

One of my favorite shot's of the day...

Next stop...the games. We didn't choose to really play many games here,
we all know that is a waste of money!

When I saw this shot in my camera, I knew this shoot was going to be awesome!

After a wardrobe change, we were off again. We WAITED for perfect timing to get this ride in motion. It would have been awesome had they wanted to RIDE on this one...
John said "No way!" and I didn't blame him a bit!

This was so cute! They brought this with them to use!

Now in front of the Ferris Wheel and add balloons!!!

This wall is an awesome is it this way...

...but the wall THIS even cooler!!! LOVE IT!!!

As the sun started to go down...I got some awesome shots or the lights, rides, sunset and the couple!!!
Enjoy these last few shots!!!

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